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PLC cum VFD Panel
Textile Machinery panels Machine tools cabinets (MTC)
MCC & PCC – Fixed & Draw out APFC & Harmonic control panels
Drive panels (VFD) Compressor panels
Solar invertor panels Wind turbine control panels
Control & relay panels (CRP) PLC panels
DCS panels Solar pump controller
Automation panels Lighting Distribution Board (LDB)
Contract manufacturing for OEMs Enclosure (Large & Small)
Cable Harness


  • 30 Years of Experience in manufacturing of Control Panels for Textile & Machine Tool Panels.
  • 3000 Textile panels per month capacity, currently feeding 1500 textile panels & 600 Machine Tool panels per month.
  • Developed dedicated End of line (EOL) testing stations
  • Engineering capability to progress from SLD to Control panel design
  • Components selection from internationally reputed brands
  • Build control panels in record cycle times with large work force
  • Installation support
  • Post sales service and retrofit services
  • Contract Manufacturing for OEMs

Engineering Capability

  • Conversion from SLD/Specification to Detailed engineering for GA and cable schedule
  • Bus communication solutions
  • Marshalling Racks
  • SCADA solution
  • Smart meter solution
  • PLC, instrumentation solutions
  • 3D and Cyber capability
  • D&D of embedded Industrial IOT systems
  • D&D of Smart transmitters and field instrumentation control panels
  • Communication: TCP/IP, NVIOT, NFC
  • Constructability assessment
  • Operation ability assessment
  • Safety assessment (HazOP, HazAn, HIRA)
  • Intrinsic safety barriers and standards


  • 3000 control panels per month
  • 5 Acres factory area
  • Dedicated sheet metal fabrication plant
  • In house cable harness plant
  • Additional ramp up of facilities


  • High speed estimation and tendering
  • Value Engineering
  • High Efficiency & performance
  • Customized solutions
  • Excellent relationship with all International & domestic suppliers
  • Highly Competitive delivery lead times
  • Dedicated FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) testing stations.
  • Dedicated field service team
Control Panels

Machine Tool Panel Assembly Area
Control Panels

Textile panel Assembly Area


  • Integrated Management System, QHSE (Quality, Safety, Health & Environment
  • 5s excellency Level