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Engineering Plastic Components

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Engineering Plastic Components

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Engineering Plastic Components

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Engineering Plastic Components

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  • LECS as a full service custom Injection moulding supplier
  • Manufacturing Plastic Components weight ranging from 0.5g to 1000g
  • Component Size 500mm x 500mm maximum.
  • Minimum wall thickness 0.5mm
  • Manufacturing High performance gears and high aesthetic premium consumer electronic parts


  • Horizontal and vertical moulding Machine
  • Over Moulding and Insert Moulding
  • Materials ranging from commodity resins to highly engineered resins & thermosets
  • High volume, fully automated work cells to low volume proto type runs.
  • Post moulding operations like pad printing, Ultra sonic welding, coil winding, soldering, bar coding and assembly operations
Engineering Plastic Components

Plastic Moulding Area

Machine Count Chart (Engel, Toshiba & Fanuc Machines)

Machine Size 45T to 60T 80T to 100T 110T to 150T 180T to 220T 250T to 350T
Quantity 6 11 8 2 3

Plastic Raw Materials

ABS HDPE PBT Phenol formaldehyde POM
ABS-PC Alloy HIPS PC Polyacetals PP
Derlin PA4/6/Noryl PEEK Polyamide (Nylon) 6/66 Urea Formaldehyde

Colouring Options

  • Natural
  • Pre – coloured
  • Masterbatch
  • Pigment

Other Options

  • UV stabilized, FR (Flame Retardant), heat stabilized, GF up to 60%, Glass beads up to 50%.


  • Integrated Management System, QHSE (Quality, Safety, Health & Environment)
  • IATF 16949
  • 5s excellency Level