Commercial Tool Room

Die Casting & Commercial Tool Room

For over 40 years, LECS has been dedicated to delivering companies with superior die casting and tooling, along with metal finishing and CNC machining through state of the art machinery and processes. This constant up-gradation to facilities has ensured that we are one of the most advanced and contemporary tool rooms & moulding shops in India and dedicated to providing quality services.

In LECS, we have the flexibility to handle low- to high-volume production runs and to work within very short lead times. Our die casting machines offer reliable, rigid, and resilient production of light metal castings from complex automotive structures to more simple applications.

Key Benefits

  • LECS in-house tool room designers and engineers bring customer products from concept to completion.
  • LECS provides top-notch engineering services by blending standards design with the most advanced methods available now for designing and manufacturing custom injection moulding components.

LECS Products

Commercial Tool Room

High cavitation moulds
Commercial Tool Room

Insert Moulding
Commercial Tool Room

Over Moulding
Commercial Tool Room

Die Casting
Thermoplastic injection moulds Thermoset injection moulds
Over moulding Insert moulding
Hot runner moulds High cavitation moulds
Two and three plate moulds Medical moulds
Connector moulds Die casting dies

Plastic Injection Mould Manufacturer

We manufacture remarkably precise mould tools to all SPI Class 101 to Class 105 classification that give our customers maximum reliability which in turn gives them a manufacturing advantage and a downstream cost-benefit. Through the LECS door, we can offer our customers the complete solution all under one roof.

Plastic Injection Mould and Tool Room

Our elite Tool Room team design, produce and supplies high-end plastic injection moulds, aluminium die casting dies for high and low-pressure casting, and sheet metal press tools.

We manufacture plastic injection moulds and services according to every individual’s requirements. We ensure that injection molds are properly designed, built, and maintained properly throughout the life of mould manufacturing program.

We operate a clean, organized manufacturing area with an efficient work-flow to ensure we develop robust, reliable production processes, necessary to deliver repeatable core and cavity inserts. We do have many years of experience in making Injection moulds for various industries like automotive, Medical, Electrical & electronics and Industrial prototype.

Additionally, through our In-house Custom injection Moulding manufacturing abilities, we keep your project on time, on specification, and on budget. Due to the wide variety of applications and customers that we serve we have experience of processing most injection moulded polymers.

Our capability in Commercial Tool Room

  • Mould Size: 1250mm x 850mm (Max)
  • Mould Weight: 6MT (Max)
  • Component accuracy: 20 microns (Max)
  • Mould life: 10Mn shots

Our services include along with Die Casting & Tooling

  • Product Design & Development
  • Manufacture of Prototype & Pilot Moulds
  • Manufacture of High-Precision Production Moulds
  • In-House Mould Trial & Quality check
Commercial Tool Room

Wire Cutting Machines
Commercial Tool Room

High Speed VMC
Commercial Tool Room

Test Equipments

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Engineers and designers partner with our customers to bring the concept to reality using the most modern techniques in our design center. LECS offers a complete solution that starts with even the earliest concept and carries it right through the development process. We bring your concept to reality.

A team of talented and experienced design team work on the most advanced work stations with latest softwares like

LECS design center equipped with:

  • Pro E-Creo3 – 4 Seats
  • Solid Works 2016 – 2 Seats
  • UG NX11 – 1 Seat
  • Auto CAD-2016 – 6 Seats
  • Moldex-Mold Flow – 1 Seat

with which the ideas are given a shape before turning into reality.

We use accessoriesof international repute; we offer the following grades of moulds. As per American Society of the Plastic Industry, Inc.

LECS engineers contribute plastic design assistance and become a valuable extension of your product development team. LECS helps to design your product with tool building, material selection, and part manufacture in mind to help control cost and anticipate quandaries before they arise.

Mould Class Mould Life Cycle Production Level Usage Cost/Value
101 Mould 1 million or more High Extremely high production and fast cycle times Class 101 moulds are the highest priced and made with only the highest quality materials
102 Mould Not more than 1 million Medium to High Good for parts with abrasive materials and/or tight tolerances Class 102 moulds are fairly high priced and made with materials of exceptional quality
103 Mould Not exceeding 500,000 Medium A very popular mould for low to medium production parts Class 103 moulds fall within common price ranges
104 Mould Not Exceeding 100,000 Low Good for limited-production parts with non-abrasive materials Class 104 moulds fall within low to moderate price ranges
105 Not exceeding 500 Prototype only Good for abrasive materials and/or parts with tight tolerances Class 105 moulds are built inexpensively to produce a very limited number of product prototypes


  • As a Plastic Mould and Moulding manufacturer, we design and deliver a precise, high-performance, cost-effective injection moulds.
  • At LECS, we offer a complete solution for our customers, from initial component design through to final testing & validating.
  • We understand the importance of paying attention to details to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Short runs and Solutions for engineering challenges.
  • Development strategies for start-ups.
  • Conversions to die casting from other processes.
  • Turnkey delivery solutions for subassemblies and finished products.