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Surveillance Robot
Commercial Tool Room

Cleaning Robot

Our robot products shall be supported to customer on service business model.

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Surveillance Robot

  • In a world faced with increasingly complex security threats, many countries are raising the level of preparedness among citizens and Homeland Security forces to ensure peace and security.
  • Adopting artificial intelligence and machine perception, the solution can pick up anomalies in the environment and effectively detect intruders or blacklisted persons.
  • It allows security service providers to deploy human resources for higher level tasks, thereby facilitating man-unmanned operation for increased operational effectiveness.
Commercial Tool Room

Surveillance Robot



Customized Solutions

Autonomous Charging

Natural Navigation (LIDAR SLAM)

Easy to Deploy

Cleaning Robot

  • Optimise Cleaning Efficiency
  • Competent Scheduling
  • Effective Monitoring
  • Improved Productivity
  • Attractive Appearance
  • Eco-friendly and Safe
  • Better coverage for tight areas
  • Noise friendly
  • Customised Cleaning
  • Control using mobile App
  • Well-integrated Sensors
  • Auto Adjustments for Safety Control
Commercial Tool Room

Cleaning Robot